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Statutory Role and Responsibilities for the Mayor

1.  Preside at council meetings (§ 160A-69).


2.  Call special meetings of the council (§ 160A-71).


3.  Vote to break a tie or may vote on all matters (§ 160A-69) In a city where the mayor is elected by the council from among its membership, and the city charter makes no provision as to the right of the mayor to vote, he/she shall have the right to vote as a council member on all matters before the council, but shall have no right to break a tie vote in which he/she participated. Mayor cannot veto actions of board; cannot appoint or remove (without board permission).


4.  Assume all powers and duties enumerated in the General Statutes as well as any others conferred on him or her by the council. This statute recognizes the mayor as the official head of the city for purposes of serving civil process, and most federal and state agencies extend this same recognition for purposes of official correspondence or actions such as grant awards or enforcement of federal laws and regulations(§ 160A-67).

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