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The Town of Hildebran was awarded a $44,000 Downtown Revitalization Grant from the N.C. Department of Commerce (the Rural Economic Development Division) in 2018. The Town of Hildebran Council chose to use these funds for a revitalization of buildings in our downtown district. 

The downtown is often considered the heart of a community.  Having an attractive appearance and vibrant commercial activity downtown is a desirable goal for the Town.  As buildings age, they require maintenance and upkeep.  Sometimes, upgrades are needed to accommodate a new business locating in downtown buildings.  Many municipalities in North Carolina provide grant programs to assist in the renovation and redevelopment of downtown buildings.  These grants can help encourage renovations and facade improvements to enhance the appearance of downtown buildings, as well as promote commercial activities and occupancies.  

Businesses inside the established downtown district are eligible to apply for a 50/50 grant match for upgrades (up to $5,000).  For more details about the program, see the Downtown District Map, Requirements and Application below.

Downtown district


The Town of Hildebran Downtown District Map was adopted as the area for eligible businesses to apply for grant reimbursement for facade improvements.  Before applying, review the map to determine if your business(es) are in the downtown district. 

Facade Improvment requirements

Once you have determined that your business(es) are in the adopted downtown district, review the

Facade Improvment Grant Program Requirements.  

facade improvement application

After reviewing the downtown district and requirements, the Facade Improvement Grant Program application is available to be completed.  Reimbursement funds will be available after July 1, 2019.

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